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Solan Safety Management Systems


Solan Safety Management Systems

Established in 2005, Solan Safety Systems offers the best in industrial safety solutions for factories and logistic facilities. Solan has devised its own proprietary solutions featuring unique, complementary capabilities that optimize safety and performance at work. Solan’s tailor-made, integrated solutions are the perfect solution for preventing accidents at work.

​Solan is helping leading companies provide protection for employees and reduce work risks. Their field-proven products work in the most challenging environments. These products are saving lives daily, outpacing industry standards and making businesses safer.

ProMaster Gate and Door Expert is a supplier of this unique safety management systems. These are the solutions we recommend.


Truck movement prevention when loading/unloading at logistics center

Observation Post

Collision prevention system at meeting points with forklifts

Junction Observation Post

Forklift safety system that prevents accidents at junctions

Safety Operation Zone 3

Forklift safety system that uses sight and sound to prevent accidents

DFM System

Preventing trucks from going downhill without control