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Top Benefits of Commercial Security Gates

Top Benefits of Commercial Security Gates

Businesses today face threats from every corner, both in the real and digital world. Elevating security measures has become vital. To increase security, it pays to invest in a specialized gate. Security gates for commercial properties not only add to the safety of your business, they come with many other benefits, making them a wise and sound investment.

A security gate in front of the facility to represent the topic of benefits of security gates for commercial properties

Why Security Gates for Commercial Properties are Needed, and What are the Benefits?

Essentially, a security gate is meant to keep the property safe from intruders. A security gate provides privacy and helps protect valuable assets. It serves as the first line of defense against potential intruders by preventing them from entering the facility. Even one security gate helps limit the instances of intentional break-ins. High-tech gates bring a higher level of security and protection. Reports suggest that clients are more comfortable working alongside businesses that take data protection seriously and are taken more seriously with the addition of security measures, including gates to protect inventory.

And while there are numerous benefits to installing security gates, here are the ones we feel are the best of the best.

#1 They Act as Both Physical and Mental Deterrents

Surely security gates make it harder to enter a commercial property, but that’s not the only thing they do. They are meant to dissuade criminals from even attempting to break in. Knowing that they would not only have to jump across the gate to enter the premises but also disarm your systems is often enough to make them turn the other way around. The chances of getting caught while attempting a break-in are increased with gates.

#2 They Save You Money

Who would have thought that spending money could save you money? Well, with security gates, that certainly is the case. With fewer breaking-ins, theft is brought down to a minimum. You would not have to bear the cost to replace stolen or damaged inventory. There would be less need to hire live security personnel, saving additional costs.

#3 Security Gates Provide More Control

Not all businesses can do without live security personnel. Still, their job will undoubtedly become easier with the help of security gates for commercial properties or the security systems that come with them. Additional cameras and an intercom will help those looking after the facility perform their job better. They’ll have more control of what’s happening in and around the area and will be able to act promptly if a need to do so arises.

Security gates/systems are also an excellent addition when going through a commercial relocation, as they allow you to control various parts of the process from afar. You’ll most definitely want to let pros handle it, as, in doing so, you’ll know all the equipment is in safe hands. Regardless, there’s no harm in double-checking whether the whole process is going down as intended.

#4 They Offer Convenience

Instances of human error should be minimized. However, one cannot altogether avoid making a mistake. We’re only human, after all. For example, employees sometimes forget to lock the gate after finishing their shift. That’s where electric gates might come in handy. They come equipped with automatic locks and can also be remotely controlled to open/lock.

#5 They Add to the Curb Appeal

We’ve already established that security gates for commercial properties help increase workplace safety. They add to curb appeal, as well. In fact, with so many different types of these gates out there, the sky is the limit as far as aesthetics go. Security gates can be tailor-made to match the existing look of the property.

# 6 Security Gates Increase Value

Automatic gates boost property value. This makes the property more marketable when the time comes.

#7 They Lower Insurance Premiums

Insurance companies are well aware that security gates add to the business’s overall security. They are also aware that it doesn’t make sense for owners to pay crazy-high premiums if the risk of theft and damage is minimal. To compensate, they are willing to offer lower rates to those that have already made it their business to install such gates. Talk about another way to save money in the long run!

We Can help!

The list of benefits doesn’t end here. There are many more we have not mentioned. It’s for sure that the disadvantages to installing such a gate are close to none! ProMaster Security Gate and Door Expert supplies the right gate for the property you want to protect. We handle everything from material, installation and any possible needed maintenance services. Call now for your FREE ESTIMATE!