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How We Help Save You Money

How We Help Save You Money


you need security, dependability and efficiency to protect your business investments, the matter of cost can be the biggest issue. Obviously, cost is a key factor in making any important decisions.  Inventory can be one of the biggest expenses you need  to protect in order to stay in business in the first place.


Access methods to inventory and work spaces are a vital part of that protection.  One solution is rollup gates and doors.  These doors help in many ways, including saving you money in operating costs. Here are some of the important functions of rollup gates and doors that also help decrease your operating costs.

1. SECURITY – First and foremost rollup gates and doors should provide protections for all your valuable goods.  The material used in them need to be sturdy and resistant to break in. Without a full time security watch on your property, you may need your doors to provide extra protection. In choosing doors, look at all the options of materials to find the one that will best suit your needs. This function is vital to protect the overall value of your inventory, equipment and work spaces.

2. DURABILITY – Rollup gates and doors are subject to a lot of use, depending on the busyness of your daily activities.  Doors need to hold up and continue to function at top capacity despite hundreds and even thousands of uses.  Especially with automatic doors controlled electrically, the life span of the doors can be greatly reduced with use over time.  Choose doors which have a reputation for durability, such as speed doors, which can, in many cases, withstand many thousands of uses ad still work like new.  Part of durability is using a trusted company to service your doors and repair them as needed.


3. Temperature Control – This is a key factor which can be overlooked by some.  Besides the insulation of the door materials as well as good installation which secures the door space to prevent air leaks, the speed of the door can be critical.  Choosing a speed door which opens and closes withing seconds vs. minutes can help secure the temperature of your space inside as well as keep out unwanted heat or cold.  The savings will be seen in lower internal heating and cooling costs over time.

4. Safety – Using doors with all the latest safety features is extremely important.  Electric automatic doors provide many features that help increase safety, including sensors to prevent injury to people or damage to vehicles and equipment.  They automatically stop when the space is blocked.  This is key to saving on costs of damages that can occur, protecting your workers, equipment and ultimately protecting your business from liability.

5. Presentation – Last but not least, your new door should look attractive and represent a good image for your business.  Your building is quite often the first impression that potential customers get of your business.  You want to make the best impression possible which inspires confidence in your future customers. A clean professional look can be as effective as spending fortunes on advertising and marketing services.

At ProMaster Security Gate and Door Experts, we are familiar with all the choices available on the market.  We have only the best trained, expert technicians to advise and install the door system which best suits your business.  From selection to installation, maintenance and repair, we are here for you 24/7 365 days a year.  No job is too big or small.  We have as much care for our work as you do for your own business.

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