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The Value of High Performance Doors

The Value of High Performance Doors

Here at ProMaster Security Gate and Door Expert, we offer the installation, maintenance and repair of high performance sectional doors.  We have partnered with Hormann, the top global supplier of high performance doors.

In many industries, high speed, high performance doors are vital to day to day work and safety. Here are just some of the important uses:

Car Dealerships

For car dealerships, these doors provide secure and reliable service entrance and exit door openings. Plus, their attractive panels look great on automotive retail buildings. They have extremely well insulated panels which help to maintain temperature and comfort in the areas they are used.

Clean Rooms

Where it is necessary to have clean rooms, high performance doors offer optimum sealing and fast operating speeds to greatly increase protection from contamination in the clean rooms. Low-profile guide tracks are free of moving parts, promoting a pure environment.  Guide tracks are available in stainless steel for the ultimate in clean. An optional UPS emergency battery pack automatically opens the door to allow personnel to exit during a power failure.

Cold Storage Spaces

Fast operating speeds allow for a constant flow of traffic without compromising energy control and efficiency. An advanced foam panel maintains flexibility to +33 degrees F and helps to keep condensation to a minimum in cooler to ambient areas. A standard built-in light grid provides a thorough wall of protection for personnel and equipment in the doorway as compared to doors that use only photocells.


Fire Stations

Fast operating speeds allow for the quick exit of emergency vehicles. They are great-looking, secure and highly energy efficient. You can select the stainless steel options your application requires for an immediate savings.

Food and Beverage

Two food-grade panel materials are available:  40 oz. white PVC for basic applications or an optional 90 oz. These are 100% FDA approved white material when optimum compliance is needed. The standard built-in light grid provides a thorough wall of protection for personnel and equipment in the doorway and remains completely effective even following wash-down.

Parking garages

Whether rigid or fabric, Hörmann High Performance Doors has a high-speed roll-up door model that will easily fit into new construction or renovation.  They have designs that accommodate low headroom requirements, the norm for many parking garages.


Their rugged, dependable design is ideal for vehicle maintenance garage applications. Five panel colors accommodate any building color scheme and corporate identity requirements. Full-width vision area provides maximum visibility through the door for enhanced safety of personnel and equipment.

Waste Management

Proven sectional panel design allows for individual replacement of panels as opposed to replacing the entire panel. Full perimeter draft seals for dust and odor containment and environmental control. Heavy duty, low-profile guide tracks are impact resistant and fit into most applications.


Whatever your needs, ProMaster Gate and Door Expert can provide you with the high speed, high performance doors you need.  Call now! 855-333-4884