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Why Chain Link Fencing?

Why Chain Link Fencing?


Chain link fencing is a versatile and affordable option for many commercial properties. Also known as hurricane or cyclone fencing, they are durable and can withstand even gale force winds. Manufacturers make chain link fences from galvanized steel, giving it the ability to hold up to use and punishment for many years. Coating or painting galvanized steel prevents corrosion from exposure to the ice and snow of a typical New York winter. Coating your galvanized steel fence also helps prevent weakening or other types of damage due to years of exposure to the rain and sun of the other seasons as well.

At ProMaster Gate and Door Expert, we recommend chain link fences for many New York City locations for several reasons.

Chain Link Fencing Uses

  • Security – Use chain link fences to create a secure barrier around a residential home, commercial business or industrial job site. One can use variations of fencing as well, depending on the need for security.  That is to say, you can add extra deterrents, such as various heights or barbed wire to prevent climbing access.
  • Safety –  Chain link fencing is an excellent choice for playgrounds and parks, particularly near city streets or other areas where children might be injured chasing after a ball or other toy. Fences also separate areas where different aged children play or where specific sports, such as baseball or basketball, are played.
  • Temporary Use – Thee chain link fencing design makes temporary use easy. One can easily pull the steel posts out of the ground. You can roll up the fencing and stored or move it to a different location. Job sites and industrial facilities use this type of fencing.
  • Pet Containment – Chain link fencing is a very durable material that works great for creating dog kennels, runs or other containment areas. It is also a great choice for public dog parks.  Parks use them to create separate play areas for large and small dogs.

Advantages of Choosing Chain Link Fencing

Easy Repair

A major benefit to using chain link fencing over other types of materials is that it is easy to repair. Weather, accidents and vandalism create wear and tear on fencing. Despite that, you can easily cut out and replace these damaged areas because new galvanized steel fencing will match easily with older fencing for repair purposes. There is no need to have replace the entire fence because if the coating or paint chips off following an extremely harsh season, you simply re-coat or re-paint the surfaces to increase the life of the fence.

Easy Maintenance

Galvanized steel fencing is very easy to maintain. There is virtually no upkeep involved. All you need to do is use soap and water or simply hose it off to make it look shiny and new again.

Whatever your needs, ProMaster Gate and Door Expert will provide you with the chain link fence you need. We handle installation, repair and maintenance and are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week all year long.  Call now! 855-333-4884