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What in the world are we so excited about?

What in the world are we so excited about?

The NEW Hormann Steel Ranger™ 9500 LS Rolling Steel Door!

Resistant to damage

Extremely strong and durable, the insulated Decotherm® 29 gauge steel panel slats are constructed of a polyurethane core, covered with a steel skin that is layered with a special low friction coating, which makes the slats resistant to damage. Vision slats are optional. These garage doors are an effective solution for interior or exterior door openings, a powerful direct-drive operator may be mounted either vertically or horizontally as standard. This flexible mounting configuration accommodates applications with unusual side room requirements.

ProMaster Security Gate and Door Expert now offers this new garage door with full installation, repair and maintenance services. We are a licensed, bonded and insured company with a team of gate security experienced professionals serving all five boroughs in NYC as well as NJ and CT.

Our purpose is to offer solutions for all your fence, garage door and gate needs. We provide chain link fences, rollup gates and doors, including motors. Our services include everything from installation to maintenance and 24/7 repair services.

Please let me know if there is anything you need and want regarding our services. Our phone lines are always open! Just call 1-855-333-4884.

Levi Gashuri, Owner