Who are we?

Who are we?

About Us

ProMaster Security Gate and Door Expert is a licensed, bonded and insured company with a team of gate security experienced professionals. We serve all five boroughs in NYC as well as NJ and CT.

Our purpose is to offer solutions for all your door and gate needs. We do that by working with the best manufacturers in business and keeping up with the latest door security technology.

Our Mission

  1. Be the number one company in customer service, reliability, effectiveness and quality.
  2. Be ahead of all our competitors by having the latest technology to supply an ever-growing demand for better, faster, smarter and stronger gates.
  3. To provide customized services tailored to each customer and their specific needs.

Our Services

* Garage Door Installation * Garage Motor Installation * Roll Up Gate Installation * 24/7 Emergency Repair * Gate, Door & Fence Supplier * Same Day Servicing * Maintenance

Call Now – (855) 255-1555

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