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Commercial Garage Doors Cut Costs.

Commercial Garage Doors Cut Costs.

Paying annual property insurance premiums can be a strain on profitability. There are ways to significantly cut down on these costs. Because insulated commercial garage doors protect against property damage, they can save on insurance premiums. Insurance companies will potentially give discounts to commercial property owners that have a way to shutter their property against damage caused by severe weather conditions and other environmental factors.

Not only are impact rolling doors ideal for protection from severe weather damage, they provide the needed security against vandalism and theft. We recently completed a project for a local company to fulfill their insurance requirements. As a result, our work helped reduce their insurance premium.

How commercial garage doors do it.

To accomplish this for our client, we used Alpine Redi-Storm® impact commercial garage doors. These security doors are engineered and tested to meet or exceed industry standards for severe weather protection devices. They are built to withstand up to 155 mph winds. This impact fire door is a product of nearly 20 years of wind load design testing and experience.

Alpine’s Redi-Storm® Doors are frequently used throughout the Florida Coastline where there is a high level of storms and gusty wind conditions. These commercial garage doors are ideal for storm shelters, schools, office buildings, emergency call centers, police stations, post offices or anywhere that require a high level of safety. Alpine’s Redi-Storm® doors have proven successful in protecting both people and property from injury due to flying debris.

By installing roll up doors, you can increase the security of your property and watch your annual property insurance premiums fall. An additional benefit is to save money in the case where a business is left unattended for long durations; having a large commercial garage doors save money by preventing break-ins.  Upgrading security roll up doors also increases the building’s market value.

Why us?

ProMaster Security Gate and Door Expert now supplies Alpine’s Redi-Storm® Doors with full installation, repair and maintenance services. We are a licensed, bonded and insured company with a team of gate security experienced professionals serving all five boroughs in NYC as well as NJ and CT

Our purpose is to offer solutions for all your fence, door and gate needs. We provide chain link fences, roll up gates and doors, including motors. Our services include everything from installation to maintenance and 24/7 repair services.

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