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Five Good Reasons

Five Good Reasons


We are very proud to announce ProMaster Gate and Door Expert’s partnership with The Hörmann Company.

They have a long history of making overhead sectional garage doors. With expertise and experience accumulated through four generations, the Hörmann Group has become one of the world’s largest manufacturers as well as a premier leader in the industry.

The Hörmann Group has successfully expanded its product line to include a variety of garage doors and related accessories for just about any application. Hörmann is always improving its product line with the latest technologies to bring safety, security, energy-saving and convenient features to your home without compromising the beauty and elegance. Hörmann offers industry leading colors to complement any décor.

Here are the top five reasons we recommend using doors manufactured by the Hörmann Company:

1. German Engineered, American Made Quality

The Hörmann range of commercial doors and openers are specially designed and developed to meet the requirements of the North American market without compromising the Hörmann standard for quality and design offering superior protection and safety. Hörmann commercial doors are built to last. Sophisticated engineering and state-of-the-art manufacturing provide the basis for durable, reliable and long-lasting quality products. They understand that in addition to their doors being the visual centerpiece of your business, they are expected to withstand hard, daily beatings from weather, use, etc.

2. Uncompromising Safety

With Hörmann doors, your safety always comes first. With their Exclusive FingerGuard™ pinch resistant section joints and components, the danger of trapped fingers is greatly reduced. The joint and hinges provide an excellent seal and prevent finger injuries inside and outside.


3. Highest Standards in Component Quality

Every individual door component is meticulously engineered and tested rigorously. Once they are up to Hörmann’s high standards, these components are manufactured with the highest craftsmanship using only top quality materials. Hörmann’s steel commercial door panels are manufactured using only commercial grade 25 or 24-gauge steel. Their deep tongue and groove section joints, backed up by fully boxed ends and the addition of center stiles, offer amazing strength. Hörmann’s innovative designs ensure a structural integrity that is second to none.

There is no skimping on the surface finish either. The door panel’s steel substrate is hot-dipped galvanized on both sides, and two coats of a tough polyester paint are baked onto the front and back of the completed door panel, giving excellent corrosion resistance from the elements for many years, reducing maintenance costs.

4. Superior Energy Efficiency

Hörmann offers a wide choice of insulation to make your door well insulated in harsh climates.  Whether polystyrene core or injected polyurethane foam insulation, your home is well protected from outside elements.

 5. Industry Leading Warranty

All Hörmann commercial door sections are protected with a 10 year limited warranty.  With its industry leading warranty, Hörmann stands behind the quality doors they build. Commercial doors manufactured by Hörmann last extremely long because they are engineered for unmatched quality and performance. It is this adherence to quality, mirrored in the customers’ needs that has taken Hörmann from its family business origins to being one of the established global leaders in the commercial door market.

Contact us today if you are interested in ordering a Hormann door for your business. We will help you through every step, from choosing the right door for your business, to installation, maintenance and any future repairs needed.