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More than Gate & Door Repairs

More than Gate & Door Repairs

How you present your business to the world can make or break your success.  Just like the website you have online or business sign that hangs above your building, your commercial overhead door is responsible for creating the first impression of your business to the world outside. Even when your business is closed, people driving past will gauge how professional your business is simply by its outward appearance.

Like any other architectural component of your commercial premises, the design and appearance of your doors make your business stand out from the rest. This part of your building is closest to eye level and the most obvious to your potential and current customers.  It creates that all-important first impression in a potential new customer’s mind, and may help them decide whether they give the job to you or drive down the road to your closest competitor.

At ProMaster Gate and Door Experts, we use commercial doors manufactured by Hörmann.  We have partnered with them because their doors are extremely long lasting and durable. In the newest technology of speed doors, they have developed a line of doors which:

  • use up less space
  • extra durable
  • provide up to one million uses vs. the usual one hundred thousand uses
  • weather resistant, and
  • help maintain internal temperatures of your space.

These doors are engineered for unmatched quality and performance. It is this adherence to quality, mirrored in our customers’ needs, that has taken Hörmann to being one of the established global leaders in the commercial door market.

Call us today to find out more.  We are available for any emergency repairs you may need 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Our technicians are expert in the installation of garage doors and roll up gates including motor and track installation. We are expert at gate repairs and maintenance, which includes inspection, lubrication, weather seal replacement and hardware. We are available 24/7 and pride ourselves in quality craftsmanship every time. Need an expert installation? Having trouble with your gate or garage? ProMaster is your solution!

Levi Gashuri, Owner – ProMaster Gates and Door Experts

ProMaster was established as a full service company for all your security door needs. Our focus is on keeping your valuable property safe and in excellent working condition.