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Safety Management System – Did you Know?

Safety Management System – Did you Know?

Fort Knox is perhaps one of the most famous secure buildings in the world. It goes beyond the usual commercial door security required by average businesses. It is located in Kentucky adjacent to the Fort Knox military base and has a fortress-like appearance. The facility holds large portions of the United States gold reserves and is heavily guarded at all times by the United States Mint Police.

Surrounded by a series of fences and constructed with granite walls, the vault is protected by a 20-ton blast proof security door that requires passcodes unique to each member of their staff. The depository was built by the Treasury in 1936 on land transferred to it from Fort Knox. Early shipments of gold totaling almost 13,000 metric tons were escorted by combat cars of the 1st U.S. Cavalry Regiment to the depository.  In the past it has safeguarded other precious items, such as the Constitution of the United States and the United States Declaration of Independence.

At ProMaster Gate and Door Expert, we know that you aim to provide the best security for your valued building. We do everything possible to provide you the safest possible fence, commercial door and gate solutions available.

We are a licensed, bonded and insured company with a team of gate security experienced professionals serving all five boroughs in NYC as well as NJ and CT. We are available to help you protect your buildings, residences and businesses twenty-four hours a day. Our services include everything from gate and door supplies to installation to maintenance and 24/7 repair services.

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